A selection of services we offer:

  • Recording studio systems design and installation
  • Custom design and build of audio processing and routing devices
  • Kit builds
  • Audio systems faultfinding and rectification
  • Maintenance and repair of audio equipment

Standard repair fees comprise a fixed £35 bench fee per item plus actual cost of any parts used. The bench fee includes up to 2 hours of labour, which covers the majority of jobs. Labour above 2 hours is charged at £20 per hour but a quote will be provided before proceeding.

Examples of design work undertaken include:

  • A microprocessor controlled looper for 16mm film projectors (for Pavilion/Site Gallery)
  • Design and build of a mobile recording facility for the band I Like Trains
  • Design and build of a multitrack routing system for the composer Gus Bousfield
  • A galvanically isolated audio routing solution for instruments and amplifiers, in use by Hookworms, Kogumaza, Andy Abbott and others